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The second last event on the 2011 IBA World Tour in Azores has been granted 6 Star GQS status after the Knights Beach Pro in South Australia failed to secure government funding to stage the event.

"It’s with great regret that Surfing SA had to come to a decision not to have the Knight’s Beach Pro on the 2011 IBA World Tour", says event director, Tim Doman.

"The Knights Beach Pro is a perfect venue to showcase the sport of Bodyboarding on the international stage, however without adequate funding it makes such an event impossible. The event for 2011 will remain as a 4-Star Rebel Sport Pro Tour stage".

The prime status has now been granted to the Azores Pro director, Rui Felix, who is excited to have the worlds best riders attending. "We are happy with this result", said Rui. The Azores Pro 2011 will be run from 22nd-27th November.

This will ensure that the minimum of three 6 Star GQS events will remain in place (Peru, Ferrol and Azores) allowing Top 24 riders a good opportunity to requalify for the GSS in 2012.

GQS rankings for non-Top 24 riders are determined from three criteria:

The best GQS stand alone result
The best GSS trials result
The National Tour placing (on an IBA recognized tour)

GQS rankings for Top 24 riders are determined from two separate criteria:

The best two GQS stand alone results
The National Tour placing (on an IBA recognized tour)

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