Bodyboarding Museum: a surgery is underway

Can you imagine how bodyboarding started 40 years ago? Were the bodyboards heavy? What were they made of? What was their size?

The history of bodyboarding gave birth to an online museum. The fantastic idea was brought to the surface by Chris Stroh, a passionate Australian photographer.

"The reason for making this site is to try and preserve a bit of bodyboarding history and reflect back on the glory days of the sport, classic moments, influential people, and the riders who made it happen throughout the decades," Stroh writes. is a very important piece of history for all boogie lovers.

You can visit the lives of the first stars, the images of the first modern boards, the early competitions, and the first clothing companies.

Tom Morey is considered to be the father of modern bodyboarding. We hope Chris Stroh will keep busy adding quality content from all over the world to his website.

Visit 40 years of bodyboarding history at

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