Itacoatiara: Brazil's most powerful beach break | Photo: Sacha Specker

Sandbars produce fantastic waves, but they're constantly shifting and changing. If you're looking for consistent beach breaks, we've got the answers.

Let's duck dive and explore the most famous bodyboarding beach breaks on Planet Earth.

Forget helmets and stress. Just relax and hit the surf, knowing that only grains of sand lie under your vertical aerials.

It's true that good waves love reefs and coral, but let's be reasonable - who hasn't had fun on a beach break?

Let's kick off with the clock in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) mode.


England and Wales offer multiple sandy peaks along the coastline, and the county of Cornwall is the capital of British bodyboarding.

In Porthtowan, a decent W/NW swell and an SE wind will boost world-class barrels and air sections.

Tolcarne Wedge is a popular spot with firing ramps that usually work on bigger tides. Expect a fast take-off and rapid adrenaline injections.

Nazare: hollow beasts in the heart of Portugal | Photo: Sumol Nazaré Special Edition

In the Southwestern tip of the Old Continent, you'll find Portugal and its endless beach break opportunities.

In Nazare, the local underwater canyon will pump perfect hollow barrels with east winds.

Supertubos, in Peniche, is the triple overhead queen of the waves. When it's big, it's fast and may often damage the toughest boogie board.

Spain has Mundaka, a sand break that works like a point break. On a good day, you'll score the longest barrel of your life, even if you've been riding waves for decades.

The river mouth surf gem is famous for its left-handers that look like heaven with an N/NW swell.

But you can't obviously miss El Frontón, one of the planet's finest slab waves for bodyboarding.

France is the world's beach break capital. South of Capbreton is a stretch of beach break peaks that churn barrel after barrel.

At La Graviere, you'll think you're riding a reef. The wave breaks like a fast-moving train.


On African soil, Durban's North Beach leads the way under the South African flag. The national bodyboarding capital delivers punchy lips and hollow barrels.

The famous Plettenberg Wedge breaks close to shore and usually enjoys west winds.


Australia could only have Duranbah. D'Bah is a super consistent beach break offering both left and right-handers.

South Stradbroke Island offers short yet intense barreling caves.

Port Macquarie is the Australian bodyboarding capital, and if you haven't tasted Breakwall, you definitely should.

Sandy Beach: mecca of Hawaiian bodyboarding


Sandy Beach is the mecca of Hawaiian bodyboarding. Although it has a fair share of rocks, it is extremely consistent for bodyboarders.

In mainland USA, Newport Beach's The Wedge is a mutant wave machine. Expect ultra-vertical drops and random backwash meltdowns.

It can be funny and brutal at the same time - wipeout extravaganza, the heaviest bodyboarding wave in Southern California.

The Wedge: vertical drops at Newport Beach

In New York's Long Island, Lido Beach pumps perfect barrels and workable wave lips in low tide.

Jenkinsons will dish out proper bowls over a sand bar with ledgy peaks and hollow sections.

In Mexico, Pasquales competes with Puerto Escondido. It's heavy out there, and random close-out sections will blow your mind.

Please take care. This is a bonebreaker.

Brazil has plenty of beach breaks, but if you're a bodyboarder, there's no way you will miss Itacoatiara.

With offshore wind and a heavy swell, it's one of the most intense wave rides in the world.

Discover the world's most iconic bodyboarding spot in "The Bodyboard Travel Guide," written by Owen Pye with Rob Barber and Mike Searle.

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