Australia: the country has some of the best bodyboarding waves in the world | Photo: Trouville/IBA

We already know that Australia has some of the best waves in the world. But if you're a bodyboarder, you want special treatment. Discover the beach breaks, wedges, reef breaks, and point breaks for bodyboarding Down Under.

Australia has a strong surf culture. In the land of kangaroos and stunning coral reefs, bodyboarding is no less popular than surfing.

In fact, it is probably the only place in the world where there is still an exciting and vigorous bodyboarding industry.

But Australia is also known for the excellence of its boogie riders.

Ben Player, Damian King, and Michael Eppelstun have conquered world titles, but many national champions and anonymous athletes make sure the sport is constantly growing and evolving.

Aussies are fantastic bodyboarders, and they've got the ideal conditions to improve their skills.

The Australian territory offers 22,300 miles of coastline and thousands of epic bodyboarding spots.

Waves are everywhere. They can be found close to metropolitan areas or at the end of the road.

If you own a boogie board, there's a lot to choose from when it comes to selecting the break you want to ride.

With the exception of the Northern Territory, all states deliver plenty of options, depending on your experience level.

If you're a slab fan, Australia is the place to be.

The water temperatures range from 15 °C and 28 °C in Western Australia, 18 °C and 24 °C in South Australia and Victoria, and 21 °C and 26 °C in Queensland and New South Wales.

The only thing you should be aware of is sharks - don't surf at dawn or dusk.

Yes, there are many crowded line-ups, and yes, some slabs look dangerous and impossible to ride.

But you'll search and find thousands of secret spots as you travel around the country in a rented van or 4x4.

So, where can you ride the most prestigious bodyboarding spots in Australia?

South Stradbroke Island, Brisbane, Queensland

For many, this is Australia's ultimate beach break.

The spot pumps a hollow left and right-hander over a shallow sandbar. Get ready for short and intense tube rides and air sections.

Best Swell: E
Best Wind: W


Kirra & Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast, Queensland

Snapper Rocks and Kirra: the Superbank is an incredible wave machine | Photo: WSL

Kirra delivers one of the longest barrels in Australia. The break is extremely consistent and, therefore, ultra crowded.

When it is working, the transparent green ride will present you with the ride of a lifetime.

If you connect Snapper Rocks to Kirra, you're a pro. Watch the currents, and respect priorities.

Best Swell: SE
Best Wind: W


Duranbah Beach, New South Wales

Duranbah: a consistent Australian beach break | Photo: Seandigger/Creative Commons

One of the most consistent beach breaks Down Under. D'Bah Beach faces east and offers fast right and lefts.

It can get crowded, but there are more than 300 meters of beach to explore and multiple peaks to ride.

Best Swell: SE/E/NE
Best Wind: W/SW


Breakwall, Port Macquarie, New South Wales

It's one of the most iconic bodyboarding waves in Australia. The right-hand wedge delivers a fun, hollow, and fast wave breaking over a sand bottom.

At a perfect angle, the rock wall refracts the swell and pumps an exciting roller coaster.

Best Swell: E/NE
Best Wind: W/SW


Shark Island, Cronulla, New South Wales

Shark Island: a fast and deep barreling wave | Photo: Gleeson/Surfing Australia

Welcome to one of the best and most dangerous bodyboarding waves in the world. Shark Island is known for its scary thick lip and mutant barrel.

And to make things even worse, the waves break over a shallow rocky bottom.

Best Swell: SE/E
Best Wind: SW/W/NW


Black Rock, Wreck Bay Village, New South Wales

Black Rock: the Australian Pipeline | Photo: Matador Network

The wave formerly known as the Aussie Pipe is widely considered one the best left-hand reef breaks in Australia.

Black Rock is located on the southwest side of the headland at the Jervis Bay National Park.

Prepare for a short yet intense barrel breaking over a sharp reef.

Best Swell: SE
Best Wind: NE


The Box, Margaret River, Western Australia

The Box: Western Australia's mutant wave | Photo: Specker/IBA

One of the most famous and dangerous surf breaks in Australia.

The Box is a world-class right-hand slab offering deep and fast barrels and perfect boost sections for air specialists - a spot for advanced riders only.

Best Swell: SE
Best Wind: NE


Mitchell's Wedge, Yallingup, Western Australia

It's a powerful right-hand wedge offering deep scoops and big boost sections.

The break is ready to handle large swells and is often ridden by hardcore bodyboarders who never say no to spectacular wipeouts.

Best Swell: SW/W/NW
Best Wind: E


Mandurah Wedge, Perth, Western Australia

Mandurah Wedge: a backwash roller coaster | Photo: Woolacott/Surfing WA

It's a spectacular right-hand wedge with occasional gems breaking left. It's the ultimate backwash bodyboarding spot.

If you're an aerialist, the Mandurah Wedge will definitely blow your mind. Get ready for vertical drops.

Best Swell: W
Best Wind: E

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