Tattoos: discover the best tributes to bodyboarding on the skin of passionate riders

You've got to be a hardcore bodyboarding enthusiast to get your skin inked with a boogie board-inspired tattoo. Discover the most unusual design ideas.

Bodyboarding can be an addiction. And, sometimes, people decide to get their passion marked in their skin forever as a tribute to their favorite sport.

The act of riding a wave on a bodyboard is visually impressive. Whenever a tattoo artist nails it, the outcome makes the client proud, and the colored mark becomes a work of art.

Would you ever get a tattoo featuring a board, wave ride, or any other bodyboard-related illustration?

Let's take a look at how some dedicated bodyboarders depicted their beloved water sport on their skins.

Please keep an open mind. Taste is a subjective thing. If we missed your bodyboard tattoo, feel free to send it in, and we'll add it to the compilation.

Bodyboard tattoo: backdooring a big barrel

Bodyboard tattoo: mixing skateboarding, cycling and bodyboarding

Bodyboard tattoo: sharks can't bite bodyboarders

Bodyboard tattoo: a tribute to the swim fins

Bodyboard tattoo: an iconic bodyboard illustration

Bodyboard tattoo: a tropical perspective

Bodyboard tattoo: performing an air into the sun

Bodyboard tattoo: aliens love the boogie board

Bodyboard tattoo: my guide in the storm

Bodyboard tattoo: ride for life

Bodyboard tattoo: aim for the air

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