Bodyboarders: they all share specific words, terms and expressions | Photo: Shutterstock

"Yew! I'm frothing for that sick pits!" If you have heard these words, you're probably a wave rider.

Just like with any group of people sharing the same interests, bodyboarders also have their own unique type of language with extremely informal expressions, phrases, and words.

Some of them are funny and amusing; others are aggressive and intimidating. But, generally speaking, they're all highly creative and witty.

Take a look at some of the finest bodyboarding slang examples involving rides, waves, boogie boards, and spongers, and explore their meaning.

The following jargons were contributions made and published by members of the Vintage Bodyboard Collectors/Collective:

Bus driving - an unorthodox way of riding a bodyboard that is particularly common in beginners and kooks;

Chin rider - a bodyboarder;

Clam dragger - a female bodyboarder;

Crab dragger - another term used to identify a bodyboarder;

D**k dragger - another word for bodyboarder;

Esky lidder - a derogatory expression for bodyboarder;

Flogged - to wipe out;

Floppo - an el rollo;

Foreskin - a surfer that is always pulling back on a wave;

Gut slider - a pejorative word to describe a bodyboarder;

Guys on trays - another word for bodyboarders;

Hand dragger - an expression used to identify a bodyboarder;

Kegged - getting barreled on a wave;

Lid skidding - when the bodyboard is left behind, and the bodyboarder continues the ride in bodysurfing mode;

One for the boys - when a bodyboarder deliberately gets hammered by a closeout wave just for fun and showing off;

OTB - out-the-back;

Sand mining - a heavy shore break surfing experience;

Scorpioned - when a bodyboarder wipes out so hard that his fins hit him in the back of the head;

Seal slide - a kooky bodyboarding trick invented by Jacob Romero;

Shark biscuits - a term for bodyboarders;

Slither - to ride a boogie board fast;

Tupperware - a powerful and thunderous wave that can only be ridden by bodyboarders;

Have we missed a few boogie boarding slang terms? Comment below or send us an email.

For more formal and technical terms, visit the glossary of bodyboarding terms.

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