Bodyboards: it's good to ride something different from time to time | Photo: Intex

Technology changes everything, but there's nothing like a creative mind at work. Here's how it applies to bodyboards.

The watersports industry is always trying to develop the latest groundbreaking innovation, making it sometimes difficult for consumers to distinguish right from wrong.

Some bodyboards are better than others, and there are always a few things that you should never change.

However, you can't rule the market, so there will always be room for unusual experimentations and odd results.

A simple online search is all we need to open our minds to visionary bodyboards.

The choice of colors, the imaginative designs, and the unconventional add-ons give us a new perspective on the sport of bodyboarding.

Evolution is unstoppable - it's up to us to keep up with it.

Take a look at a few fine examples of bodyboard modernity, and find inspiration for your next acquisitions.

If you're a bodyboard shaper, prepare to learn. If you're an aspiring pro rider, analyze each shape meticulously and pick the right one for your surfing needs.

1. Aqua Leisure

Aqua Leisure

Is it a surf mat? Is it a skimboard? No, it's an inflatable boogie board that comes with a leash.


2. SwimWays Star Wars

SwimWays Star Wars

May the Force be with you when you ride a crazy two-foot summer wave.


3. Kid Slider

Kid Slider

This is what happens when a bodyboard shaper is inspired by surf rescue sleds.


4. ToySharing Swim Kickboard

ToySharing Swim Kickboard

This rad bodyboard features a built-in water gun function so that you never get dropped in by other wave riders.


5. Capt'n Sharky

Capt'n Sharky

This near-square template with stunning shark-inspired graphics will allow you to enjoy memorable waves.


6. Prime Time Toys Kix

Prime Time Toys Kix

Who needs complicated shapes? This foamy boogie board has all it takes because there's nothing like getting back to basics.


7. Younger with Handle Safe for Kids

Younger with Handle Safe for Kids

A revolutionary, patent-pending bodyboard technology that will help stay glued to the deck even during the toughest wipeouts.


8. California Board Company Switch

California Board Company Switch

It's all in the nose, baby. Here's another scientifically-tested innovation that will bite each and every wave.


9. California Board Company Jump Start

California Board Company Jump Start

A pop art-inspired bodyboard that resembles a sanitary pad.


10. Bike Grip Board

Bike Grip Board

This is a well-known idea that never had the opportunity to see the light of day. Why? We don't have an answer. It's a genius idea.

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