The rebirth of the famous HB Epic bodyboard

January 13, 2011 | Bodyboarding
HB Epic: the bodyboard for top moments

Everybody loves rebirths, remakes and triumphal comebacks. This is for real.

Yes, the old and popular Hot Buttered Epic bodyboard has undergone a structural makeup. The Australian bodyboarding brand has decided to relaunch Epic with a new design and several improvements.

"The Team Think Tank developing HB’s 2011 bodyboard range were looking to add something super solid, a classic board, something that today’s riders would enjoy and respect. It’s not easy to re-invent a classic.

The TTT, led by James Kates, came up with the goods. By stripping away aggressive deck contours and exotic color ways and by reviving traditional clean lines in the subtle template with sharp color combos, the boys have re-mastered a masterpiece", tells Hot Buttered.

In the 90s, the HB Epic was a benchmark of performance. Now, for the rebirth chips were called in and footage collected of the original HB Epic test pilot, Rod Owens. The tough cuts have been fused with effortless Katesy performance.

The result? A mad little clip. Watch it.

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