Claudia Ferrari: pulling off the raddest bottom turn in women's bodyboarding | Photo: Gordinho

Claudia Ferrari is one of those names that you can't miss when discussing the history of female bodyboarding.

She was born in Sao Paulo and started surfing at Guarujá Beach. According to some reports, Ferrari was one of the first to own a bodyboard in her country in 1983.

She won several national contests and, a few years later, became a familiar face during the winter seasons on the North Shore of Oahu.

In 1990, she finished runner-up in the world tour, but five years later, she was crowned the GOB World Tour champion.

Claudia Ferrari was a smart athlete. She knew how to read the waves and when to hit the lip.

The Brazilian rarely failed to land an el rollo and could easily compete against many male riders.

Ferrari never stopped surfing, and in 2007, she won the Women's Pipeline Pro title. One year later, she added the US national bodyboarding title to her trophy room.

Her style is unforgettable. Claudia Ferrari made bodyboarding look easy, but she also had a demanding training ground - the Hawaiian waves.

The following video was filmed by DB, a photographer/videographer who always supported women's bodyboarding.

Claudia was his friend. He passed away, but her rides are timeless.

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