Trevor Kam: Mike has an eye on him

Science Hawaii Bodyboards has upgraded Trevor Kam to the Pro ranks. Kam will be representing Hawaii in future bodyboarding events in the pro division saying aloha to the amateurs at the age of 17. Kam hails from Hawaii Kai on Oahu where he honed his skills at Sandy Beach, a world-class surfing area known for its treacherous shore break.

He has a big following in Hawaii and the potential to make an impact internationally.

"Trevor is well-liked by the bodyboarding community," said Paul Benco, Science Team Manager.

"He has a contagious smile and personality that brings out the best in others. Science Hawaii is looking forward to the impact he will make around the world".

Kam is also a hard-core Pipeline rider and works diligently with other team members to improve his surfing there. Recently he powered his way in the lineup to get some solid waves that did not go unnoticed.

Fellow team member Karla Costa Taylor recalls; "Trevor is a force for sure. I was at Pipe and saw him get a couple the big day. He is good and has the fire. Every opportunity he has he is ripping and has the drive to be a champion."

Team member and 9 time World Champion Mike Stewart had this to say; "For me, I see a stoked, spirited young bodyboarder that is in the water nonstop always trying to do something new."

"I cannot wait until the Hawaii season. The Pipeline events are right around the corner", said Kam with that signature smile.

"I am looking forward to it, the pressure is on, I can handle it. I really like working with Mike Stewart and the rest of the guys, we push each other."

Bodyboarding season starts with a local event in Paia, Maui in January then the International Bodyboarding Associations Pipeline Pro in February. Kam is slated to surf these events and then hopefully the whole world tour.

Kam is recognized for his innovative maneuvers in a sport that hovers between surfing and gymnastics. He is Hawaii's freshest talent and has a long history of contest achievements.

Look for the new "Trevor Kam Signature Board Model" by Science, available in stores in 2011.

Recent results follow:

2010: USBA Amateur Open National Champion
2010: USBA Sandy Beach Pro, 1st Place Am-Open
2010: USBA Sandy Beach Pro, 2nd Place 13-18
2010: USBA Sport Chalet United States Open, 1st Place Body Boarding Am Open
2010: Local Motion Hawaii Surf Into Summer, 1st place 17 Under

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