Tolcarne: air bodyboarding beach

The entry for the Tolcarne Wedge Contest is now open.

The Tolcarne Wedge contest is always a special event showcasing bodyboarding at its best in a wave designed for bodyboarding. Last year's contest was met by large waves and even bigger airs!

This year's event makes up stop 2 of the 2010 Auto-Sleepers Tour. With Jack Johns out in front, with the pack snapping at his heels, the 500 points up for grabs here, means there is everything to play for.

The event this year is brought to once again by Corona. In association with Cornwall College Newquay, Kahuna, Discipull, Rob Barbers Bodyboard School, and ThreeSixty Magazine with Prone and Kernow Bodyboarding.

Please get your entries in early as this promises to be a very popular contest.

Date: 12 - 13 June
Location: Tolcarne Beach, Newquay, Cornwall
Tour: Round 2
Points Available: 500

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