2009 IBA World Tour schedule

Competitive bodyboarding is going through a massive growth support worldwide.

The IBA’s well-structured base has now become a valid product to invest in and requests are being received for new events from the four corners of the Globe.

To help to manage the influx, IBA International proposes a “Grand Slam” model taken from several high profile sports including Tennis and Golf. Below you will see how we propose to roll out this new IBA Grand Slam in 2009 and the advantages that it has towards stimulating the growth of the sport whilst maintaining a realistic pace for competitors chasing World Titles.

Each major continent will stage an “IBA Grand Slam” and these events will be worth 2000 points.

All other events will be given a 1000-point base
(us$20,000 Men & us$15,000 Women)

$20,000 - $40,000 gets 50 points per $5000 1400 points max

$45,000 - $80,000 gets 100 points per $5000 2000 points max

Wave Quality incentive will award 500 points for “Other events” but must be IBA Riders board approved

****The World Championship will be decided by the best four (4) Grand Slam results and best two (2) other results.****

The 5 Grand Slams selected will represent a 60/40 combination of Extreme wave locations and big prize-money events.

Event 1. IBA America presents the 2009 Pipeline Pro

February 2009 – Pipeline - Hawaii

Pipeline has always been the Holy Grail of the sport. With an 11 day waiting period for Men only the 2009 Pipeline Pro will provide the perfect launching pad for the Grand Slam concept.

Event 2. IBA Brazil presents the 2009 Brazil Pro

April - Brazil

Brazil has proven to be an enormous supporter of the IBA World Tour and have delivered a great series of events in 2008. Copacabana will be the gem in the triple crown of Brazilian Bodyboarding

Event 3. IBA Australasia presents the 2009 Shark Island Pro

July 2009 - Shark Island - Australia

Shark Island is one of the most challenging waves on the planet and highlights the technical aspect of the sport and adds credibility to the IBA World Tour. With a new management team now steering the event, the future looks bright for this amazing event.

Event 4. IBA Europe presents the 2009 Sintra Pro

August 2009 – Praia Grande’ - Portugal

Sintra has a long rich history as one of the favourite stops for professional bodyboarders on the IBA World Tour. The carnival like atmosphere combined with solid prize money and slick presentation makes this a definite Grand Slam contender.

Event 5. IBA Europe / Africa presents the 2009 Confital Pro

December – El Confital – Canary Islands

El Confital is a World-class wave and with a promoter like Maldito Rodriguez suppling the great infrastructure, is always a fitting end to a great season

Remember – The 2009 IBA Championship will be decided by the best four (4) Grand Slam results and best two (2) other results.

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Dave Speller

David Speller dominated the Earth Wind & Water Channel Island Bodyboarding Championships 2008, by winning the Open, Junior and Drop-Knee titles in pumping 3-6ft surf at Petit Port Reef early on Sunday morning.

Following a month of postponements due to December’s poor weekend surf conditions, the belated 2008 event finally got underway in bitter conditions, with an air temperature of only -3 Celsius.

Due to the severity of the cold, the organisers, the Jersey Bodyboarders, adapted the format of the event so that each bodyboarder would only have to surf one long heat, rather then be in and out the cold sea throughout the morning.

The competitor’s highest scoring two waves would then count towards their overall championships score. This made for an interesting competition, as the usual heat progression tactics of doing just enough to progress through a heat had to be put aside, in favour of going all out for the win.

Heat one saw junior surfers Dan Garton, Mike Alfano, Phil Le Neveu and British junior champion Speller first up to test the conditions. Le Neveu was the first to post a high scoring ride, finding himself perfectly positioned for a big drop into an A-frame 6ft peak.

Le Neveu followed this wave with two more good right-handers, launching a big air on the first one and an excellent back-flip on the other. Unfortunately the manouevres weren't fully completed, and therefore didn't post notable scores from the judging panel.

Garton, the youngest competitor in the event missed out on the bigger set waves, but did pull into one very hollow barrel on the inside, which slammed shut on him, giving him quite a wipeout.

Alfano's bodyboarding has gone up a level recently, and this was again evident as he found some good peeling waves performing forward and reverses 360's along the way.

It was Speller who shone in this heat though, by first wetting the judge’s appetite by launching into an incomplete back-flip attempt, which was followed next wave by a much bigger and this time perfectly executed back-flip on a hollow left-hander. Later in the heat Speller found another hollow left, posting a second high score, following a cleanly exited tube ride.

Heat two featured Eduardo Afonso, Andy de la Mare, Seb Bonnier and one of the pre-contest favourites Clint Loake. Despite riding some of the biggest and heaviest waves of the day, Loake failed to find his usual rythym, and couldn't make his manoeuvres stick.

Meanwhile de la Mare, was picking off some solid clean peeling waves, pulling spins along the way. Eduardo and Bonnier both had good rides of their own, but couldn't find strong second scoring waves to back up their best rides.

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Nomad Team 2009

2009 began with a bang for Nomad Bodyboards yesterday with both Glen Thurston & Matt Lackey re-signing with the company.

The two join compatriot Chris James as the 3 core and founding members of Nomad’s F.S.D. (Free Surf Division).

The Nomad F.S.D. was established to allow Nomad’s collective of riders an opportunity to not only provide their expertise on product design and development, but to also provide a program to launch projects of their own creation.

This program has spawned the successful ROAM film series and the Riptide covermount film 40 days around the world. The original ROAM received the honour of being voted “Best Video” in the 2008 Riptide peer poll, with it’s follow up ROAMII released 2 months ago.

Nomad owner Shane Britten said of the signing “We are stoked to be continuing our long standing relationships with both Lackey & Pence.

These guys are amazingly talented in the water, and along with Chris James we have built a formidable team that enjoys working as a collective on projects as much as we enjoy working with them.”

With Chris James, Matt Lackey, & Glen Thurston reconfirming their commitment to the F.S.D., 2009 promises to be another fantastic year for Nomad Bodyboards.