Luis MP

There is something wrong in the Kiteboard Pro World Tour (KPWT).

And kiteboarders should be worried. Known as a very competitive and well managed kiteboarding world tour, the KPWT has been a synonym of success.

But, in the last year, things have changed dramatically. From IKA's beloved competition, KPWT went to the far opposite place to become the black sheep of world kiteboarding competitions.

Kiteboarders competing in KPWT were severely warned about sanctions pending and, lately, two strange episodes. The cancelation of the 2010 KPWT Jamaica and very odd letters being exchanged between KPWT managers and Sean Farley and Kristin Boese seem too much, in a small period of time.

There's little room for more problems in the KPWT movement. The question remains. Is there a place for a general agreement over official kiteboarding competitions?


Luis MP | Executive Manager |