The adorable purple, googly-eyed stubby squid

August 19, 2016 | Environment
The purple stubby squid: a rare Rossia Pacifica with googly eyes

A group of marine scientists spotted a rare, charming, and purple stubby squid in the Southern California waters.

It looks like a spongy toy, but his scientific name is Rossia Pacifica. The research team at Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus could not believe their eyes when they found this unusual specimen.

The purple stubby squid was spotted at 3,000 feet deep by a camera mounted on a remote-operated vehicle. The underwater creature lives on the ocean floor and uses its googly eyes to spot small fishes and shrimps.

"His eyes look painted on!" and "It looks so fake! It's like some little kid dropped their toy" were some of the initial comments made by the crew at E/V Nautilus.

The Rossia Pacifica is frequently seen in the waters of the North Pacific Ocean, somewhere between the Japanese and Korean coasts, Alaska and California. They only live two years and, despite resembling a cross between a squid and an octopus, they are more closely related to cuttlefishes.

The scientists have not ruled out the possibility of the new and adorable purple being a new species.

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