Sea water pollution

Clean water campaigners Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) have received strong support for a pilot scheme to warn beach users of potential poor water quality at a meeting organised by MP Julia Goldsworthy.

The pilot project will be running on (some) beaches in the South West for the 2010 bathing season.

Attending the meeting with SAS and Liberal Democrat MP, Julia Goldsworthy, were the Environment Agency, the RNL, Cornwall Council, Consumer Council for Water and South West Water (SWW).

Since SAS starred in this summer’s Panorama, “Britain’s Dirty Beaches”, the most watched Panorama of the year, SAS have been lobbying for short term pollution warnings.

These warnings would inform beach users of potential pollution from a CSO discharging raw sewage and waste water or other pollution sources. The concept received strong support from Julia Goldsworthy, the Environment Agency and Cornwall Council.

The proposed project will be piloted at popular Cornish beaches. This pilot project will investigate ways to warn the public of a short term pollution incident. Everyone attending the meeting recognised that there are many potential sources of pollution that can impact on bathing waters, including CSOs, agricultural and urban runoff.

CSOs discharging raw sewage and wastewater can have a short-term impact on water quality and on the health of water users. The project could include using new technology to warn the public when a CSO is spilling sewage into river or onto beaches.

This pilot project is great news and a first for beaches around the UK. Warning the public when water quality might be reduced will become more important in the revised Bathing Water Directive and this initiative could help demonstrate best practice to be replicated across the UK.

SAS Campaign Manager, Andy Cummins says: “This summer’s Panorama shocked people across the country. The perception was that the UK’s sewage system was working fine effectively, and raw sewage discharges were a thing of the past. Panorama highlighted that, in reality, even beaches rated excellent can receive raw sewage discharged from CSOs. Short term pollution warnings can let the public make an informed decision before they expose themselves to potentially harmful pathogens.”

Liberal Democrat MP for Falmouth and Camborne Julia Goldsworthy says: “Cornwall has fantastic beaches which are vital to our local economy, so it’s important that we are at the cutting edge of best practice in keeping them clean and safe. Surfers Against Sewage have done a great job in campaigning on these issues, and bringing them to public attention through the BBC Panorama programme. I’m delighted that there is now have a positive outcome to all this work, with a pilot scheme that will be the first of its type in the country.”

Green Fix Wax

GreenFix Surf Wax, the brand new French surf company have just received a Eurosima prize for “Ecological innovation project", for their eco-friendly surf wax.

The eco-friendly surf wax is made in France to reduce the carbon foot print created by transportation of the product (while other types of wax are made and imported from USA, Brazil, China or South Africa).

It was launched on the French market last august(09) and is a petrochemical free product developed from natural and renewable resources.

Beyond its environmental qualities, which do not alter the performance of the wax, the innovative nature of our product lies in its resistance to heat. The melting point of the wax is above 60 °C – a temperature unmatched in this field.

Moreover, the shape of the wax bar, in the form of a comb makes for easy application, and its great grip makes it an ideal accessory for surfers.

Tom Curren

Surf Addict Presents three-time world champion surfer-turned-musician Tom Curren to perform at “It’s About Sea Life Benefit 2” After-Party, on November 20th, 2009, at the Hard Rock Café Fisherman’s Wharf.

Access to the After-Party will be limited to those purchasing tickets to the main event, to take place at the Aquarium Of The Bay.

Tom Curren turned to music after a legendary surfing career that included taking the World Championship Title in 1985, 1986, and 1990, and influencing an entire generation of surfers worldwide.

A renowned name in the surfing community, Curren now combines his art with his surfing roots, performing at major surfing events with his folksy-bluesy-minimalist sound.

“It’s About Sea life Benefit 2” proceeds will benefit humanitarian, environmental and marine conservation organizations Surfaid International, Save the Waves Coalition, Surfrider Foundation and The Marine Mammal Center.

Professional surfing is a highly competitive occupation. World title races are increasingly tight. And sometimes it all comes down to the wire.

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