Game Description

Play "Battleship," the classic two-player guessing game played on a board with a grid of squares.

The objective of the game is to guess the location of the other player's ships on the board and sink all of them before your opponent sinks your fleet.

Each player has a board with two grids, one to place their own ships and one to mark the opponent's attacks.

The ships are placed on the board without the other player knowing their exact location.

The ships can be placed horizontally or vertically, and they can vary in size from one to several squares long.

On their turn, each player guesses a location on the opponent's board by calling out a coordinate (e.g., A5 or D10).

If the guess is a hit, the attacking player marks the hit on their own board and gets to take another turn.

If the guess is a miss, the player marks the miss on their own board, and the turn passes to the other player.

The game continues until one player has sunk all of the other player's ships. The player who sinks all of their opponent's ships first is the winner.

Battleship can be played on a physical board or online, and there are many variations of the game with different rules and board sizes.


Mouse: Place and sink;