Game Description

Guide your favorite club to the title in the European penalty shootout challenge.

You will take shots but also will take the role of the goalkeeper. Timing and fast reflexes are crucial in both situations.

In each game, the first shot is yours.

In order to shoot properly, you will need to make two mouse clicks.

The first click will make your player move toward the ball.

At the same time, it determines where your player intends to shoot if no second click is made - making it possible to trick the goalkeeper.

The second one determines the final direction and height of the ball. Be careful how long you keep your finger on the mouse this time.

Just press it and release it immediately.

When defending, click on the part of the goal where you'd like your goalkeeper to dive.

You will see a red marker just before the opponent shoots, showing the direction of the shot.

If you qualify for the semifinals, you will get points for your team, which will help them to win the title.

Championships are played each week from Monday to Sunday.

Good luck.


Mouse: control striker and goalkeeper;