Game Description

Play "Tanks," a fun and addictive strategic, turn-based artillery game that can be enjoyed by up to five players.

Its primary focus is on controlling a tank and engaging in battles against artificial intelligence (AI) opponents or other players.

The gameplay involves carefully angling and powering shots to hit the enemy tank while considering the game's physics and the terrain.

Players take turns to aim and fire their tank's cannon at the opponent.

The challenge involves calculating the right angle and power for each shot to hit the enemy tank, considering factors like terrain and obstacles.

The game features destructible terrain, adding a dynamic element to the strategy as the landscape changes with each explosion.

Players earn money through victories, which can be used to upgrade their tank or purchase additional items, adding a layer of strategy to the game.


Left/Right Arrows: Move left and right;
Up/Down Arrows: Rotate the cannon;
Page Up/Down: Firepower;
Q/W: Change Weapon;
Space: Fire;