Game Description

Play a virtual piano online. Compose simple melodies or hit several keys simultaneously to create chords and more complex tunes.

You can also record a song, save it, and listen to your musical creation later.

Try the drag button to change key positions, bind up to five keys to a note, and even multiple notes to one key.

A virtual piano is a software or online tool that simulates the sound and function of a real piano.

Typically, it allows users to play piano notes by clicking on the virtual keys with their mouse or using the keyboard keys of their computer or other device.

Virtual pianos often have a visual representation of a piano keyboard, and when a key is pressed, the corresponding piano note is played.

They can be a very useful tool for learning and practicing piano, especially for those who don't have access to a real piano.

In more sophisticated versions, such as in music production software, virtual pianos can have many different settings and sound options, simulating various types of pianos (like a grand piano, upright piano, or electric piano) and other acoustics.

These digital versions of the piano are part of a broader category of instruments known as virtual instruments.

This category also includes various other digital reproductions of instruments such as guitars, drums, orchestral instruments, and more. Virtual instruments are widely used in music production and can often be played using a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller.


Mouse and keyboard: play the piano and change options;