Airton Cozzolino: strapless master

The inaugural Red Bull Unfastened will be ridden in Sardinia, Italy, between 9th-14th April, 2014.

Airton Cozzolino and seven more kiteboarding stars will be competing in the "first pure" strapless contest. Kites and classic surfboards, only.

The freestyle event will have a judging criteria based on wave riding, tricks on flat water and aerial maneuvers.

Inês Correia, a former wave kitesurfing champion, is one of the judges of the inaugural Red Bull Unfastened 2014. Jim Gaunt and Romano Raspini have also been confirmed.

Four Italian spots have been identified to run the challenge. San Vero Milis, Teulada, Domus de Maria and Cagliari.

The eight invitees of the Red Bull Unfastened 2014 are Patri McLaughlin, Patrick Rebstock, Reo Stevens, Skyler Solbach e Alexander John Karry, Marciel Lopes Almeida, Airton Cozzolino and wildcard Sandro Pisu.

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