Clacton-on-Sea: don't kite near seawalls | Photo: John Fielding/Creative Commons

A kiteboarder has lost his life after crashing into a seawall, in Clacton-on-Sea, England.

Mark Paxton lost control of his kite on the Essex Sunshine Coast while riding under strong winds. The authorities believe he collided with the seawall near Ray Creek, Point Clear, and suffered traumatic injuries to his limbs, pelvis and head.

The RNLI, Clacton and Walton Coastguard units, paramedics and the Essex Air Ambulance crew tried to revive the man for 60 minutes, but he could not resist the severe injuries.

More than 100 riders will hit the Clacton coast, in June, for the 2016 British Kitesurfing Championships. The event is sanctioned by the British Kitesports Association.

Never go kitesurfing by yourself, especially when the weather conditions are extreme. Learn and follow the kite rules and safety sailing procedures. Assess the sky and its clouds before sailing away.

Origami is the ancient art of paper folding. Kites were probably invented in China around 500 BC. Let's blend both crafts and make a simple, high-flying Origami kite.

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