2009 Dakine Weymouth Speed Week

Jason McCaffrey was the fastest man of the 2009 Dakine Weymouth Speed Week, held in the United Kingdom.

The British kitesurfer reached 31.56 knots, leaving Richard Fabbri, also a kiteboarder, in the second place with 30.40 knots. The kiteboarders were faster.

Windsurfer Patrick Van Hoof was third overall and the fastest man in a sailboard at Weymouth.

The fastest woman was Zara Davis, in a sailboard (27.30 knots), while kiteboarder Jenny Cooper reached 24.01 knots.

A final note for the Juniors. They are sailing really fast.

These are the final Junior results for the 2009 Dakine Weymouth Speed Week:

Sail Number Speed    
571 25.00 Mr Ryan Dunkling Sailboard
146 24.23 Mr Will Giles Sailboard
425 23.01 Mr Sam Jenkins Sailboard
104 21.53 Mr Will Houghton Sailboard
343 21.49 Mr Andrew Robinson Sailboard
852 19.39 Mr Henry Bloodworth Sailboard
714 16.72 Miss Emily Hall Sailboard


1. Zara Davis
2. Jenny Cooper
3. Katherine Knight

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