PKRA Thailand: get set, go!

Even though the wind has been light the past couple of days it does not mean that we haven’t been having fun here in Hua Hin. Numerous tents have been set up along the beachfront where they offer many things to eat, do & see.

Pretty Thai girls have an open-air tent set up on the beach where you can sit and enjoy a professional Thai massage. Tell me where in the world can you participate in an extreme sport event where they offer therapeutic massages to relief the stress of a hard competition day? The answer is… only in Thailand!

While waiting for the wind to pick up in strength, race director Olaf Van Tol decided to run some more fun and exciting SUP competitions. It was nice to see some of the PKRA crew having fun while participating in the fun event. See below for the SUP results.

Just after lunch, around 1:30 pm the wind decided that it wasn’t going to play hide and seek anymore, and peaked out at about 10 knots. It was just strong enough to run a couple course races today, but eventually turned into four races today.

A total of 10 races have been completed thus far during the event. Bruno Sroka (Cabrinha, FRA) has taken the number one position in all races. The fight for second place has been mostly between Abel Lago (RRD, ESP) and Julien Kerneur (Takoon, FRA) however, Lago is leading in the second position. Cabrinha riders, Renaud Madier (Cabrinha, FRA) as well as Bjoern Rune Jensen (Cabrinha, DEN) have also been battling there way for a ranking in this competition.

In the women’s division, Kari Schibevaag (Ozone, NOR) has been taking the lead in most of the races, however her winning streak was upset by Kristin Boese (Best, GER) in one races and also today by Caroline Adrien (Cabrinha, FRA) who took the number one position in race number 9. Schibevaag is still ranked number one overall followed by Adrien in the number two spot, German rider Boese in third and Nuria Goma (Core, ESP) in fourth place.

The wind forecast for the next couple of days is predicted to be good days of wind, and hopefully we will be able to finish the freestyle double eliminations and board-off disciplines.

Skippers Meeting is scheduled for 10:00am tomorrow morning.



1. Sky Solbach       1. Kristin Boese
2. Bruno Sroka       2. Kari Schibevaag
3. Antoine Jaubert   3. Nuria Goma

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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