Kristin Boese: who knows where will she be in 2016?

Nine-time women's kiteboarding world champion Kristin Boese is backing up the IKA's Olympic campaign to have the sport included in the sailing program for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Kristin Boese says: "I believe that kiteboarding would be the perfect addition to the Olympic Sailboat classes. It is spectacular, transports a young and dynamic image and offers huge potential as a media and spectator sport."

"Through its beauty and excitement kiteboarding has the power to reach out to millions of people around the world and inspire them - a message that I am more than happy to support." Boese adds.

The IKA too fervently believes that the discipline of kiteboarding should be included within the Olympic Sailing Competition from 2016 onwards and starts its Olympic campaign with an amazing array of ambassadors. Boese is joined by personalities like Virgin Chairman Sir Richard Branson, Venture Capitalist Bill Tai, 2-time Olympic Medalist Michael Gebhard and many more.

Richard Branson, an avid kiteboarder himself, who hosted the first annual "Kite Jam" event on his private Necker Island earlier this year says: "Kiteboarding is a fun and spectacular sport that I think would make a tremendously exciting addition to the Olympic Games."

Markus Schwendtner, Executive Secretary of the IKA states: "It is important for us to showcase that kiteboarding is a worldwide movement with the support of personalities from in- and outside the sport. Sir Richard Branson is a great example for how to spread the message of kiteboarding through fantastic ventures. Kristin Boese, the world's most successful female kiteboarder, brings kiteboarding to the masses through various media projects. Kiteboarding enthusiast and Venture Capitalist Bill Tai spreads the message of the sport through his network around the world. This is what our Olympic Ambassadors are standing for, an integration of sport and society".

The International Olympic Committee stated at the 2009 Olympic Congress in Copenhagen that the Olympic Movement must strive to reach out to youth around the world.

Kiteboarding believes it is the "perfect fit" since it is a young and dynamic sport with the ability to capture a broad audience.

To further support the Olympic campaign of kiteboarding and to help assure a strong field of female competitors will be ready to compete in the Rio de Janeiro games, Boese is conducting her KB4girls worldwide tour which reaches out to women to embrace the sport.

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