Tableclothboarding: the new sport invented in Brazil

A table cloth and a wood plaque. What type of relation have these items with kiteboarding?

Well, in Brazil, apparently the answer could be: everything. Some crazy and innovative guys have managed to kitesurf with a table cloth, instead of a true kite, and a "property for sale" wood plaque as a true kite board. That's cheap gear.

There are many innovative ways of building your own gear, with no money at all. Of course, you might harm yourself with kite gear which wasn't meant for riding. Nevertheless, the idea is right there in the mind of the groms.

If you still believe that could not be possible, check out the video they made at Coqueiro Beach, in Brazil. The proof that kiteboarding is not an expensive sport or the birth of a new sport: table clothboarding.

Watch carefully how these young Brazilian kiteboarders can transform simple house objects into a new kiteboarding brand.

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