Andy Yates: smile, you can do it

Strong winds have challenged the competing kiteboarders of the 2010 PKRA New Caledonia, which means small kites for the 25-30 knots.

The world title race is definitely on. Youri Zoon suffered the pressure and had to battle in the losers final against Marc Jacobs. Despite taking third place in the single eliminations Zoon is still in the running for the PKRA title.

Alex Pastor, also fighting for the biggest place in the podium, was disqualified in the third round against Tom Hebert for blocking and causing a line entanglement, enabling Hebert a spot in the final against Andy Yates. Yates has shown desire to go for the world title and might have a word to say in the end.

In the women's division, Karolina Winkowska defeated Bruna Kajiya. Kajiya was forced into the losers final, but got over Johara Sykes-Davies enabling her third place.

In the final round, Winkowska battled against current tour leader Gisela Pulido and beat the Spanish kiteboarder. She just went ballistic and landed complex tricks such as a blind judge and 313, which scored higher points than Pulido’s similar tricks.

The third day of competition wrapped up with a super exciting board-off competition. Spectators were in amazement as they watched the riders fly high in the sky while taking off their board, doing fancy maneuvers and placing it back on prior to landing.

There were a few huge crashes, however Sebastien Garat showed everyone how it should be done taking first place in the discipline followed by Julien Kerneur in second and Michael Siret takes third place.

Freestyle Single Elimination:

1. Andy Yates (Slingshot, AUS)
2. Tom Hebert (Airush, NCL)
3. Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED)
4. Marc Jacobs (Switch, NZL)

1. Karolina Winkowska (Slingshot, POL)
2. Gisela Pulido (Airush, ESP)
3. Bruna Kajiya (Flexifoil, BRA)
4. Johara Sykes-Davies (Flexifoil, GBR)

Whether you think of a kite as a wing or a sail, you want it to be lightweight, resistant, waterproof, but also stiff and flexible at the same time, so that they could respond to all flight requests.

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