Kiteboarding: crossing the lines

Kitecross is a new kiteboarding discipline and is quickly conquering regatta fields all over the world. The North American Course Racing Championships, to be held from 13th to 17th of July in Puerto Rico, will feature the brand new category.

The Kitecross discipline will be run as a pure downwind slalom course without obstacles and mandatory tricks, and is especially designed for the "weekend warriors" that enter the competiton on the weekend, mostly on twin tips.

A downwind slalom course is much more suitable and enjoyable for twintip riders, and multiple elimination series will be run in addition to the course races on traditional windward/leeward courses.

Also, Kitecross will be included in all 2011 Kitesurf Tour Europe stops, as a third discipline. It will be run if Freestyle and Course Racing has already been completed and as an high-wind alternative for course racing, if winds exceed 25 knots.

Kitecross is one of the possible formats for the Olympic Games and will be an exciting addition for competitors, spectators and media.

Call it a lip drop, airdrop or the world's biggest floater. One thing is certain: Kai Lenny opened a new chapter in high-performance big wave riding.

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