Thomas Paris: French stylist

Dunkerque has been the center of French kiteboarding and surely one of the best kitesurf spots in Europe. Again, the best kiteboarders of the land of Napoleon have showed their talent out in the water and skies of the windy region.

The 2011 French Freestyle Kiteboarding Championships were finished in outstanding wind conditions, despite the deteriorating weather conditions that affected the last battles of Men's and Junior's heats.

Luckily, the champions have been crowned in Dunkerque. Thomas Paris is the new French Freestyle Kiteboarding champion, alongside with Caroline Adrien, winner of the Women's division and Paul Serin, the youngest competitor.

Final Results:

1. Thomas Paris
2. Sebastien Garat
3. Tom Hebert

1. Caroline Adrien
2. Mathilde Serin
3. Céline Rodenas

1. Paul Serin
2. Valentin Marvyle
3. Forest Bakker

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