Guillaume Chastagnol: crazy dude

Kiteboarding stunts are always incredible. This time, we bring you another strong, solid and dangerous performance from Guillaume Chastagnol, a rider with loads of experience in snow kiteboarding, too.

After 12 years of unsuccessful tries, Chasta has finally made it. During the biggest swell of the year in the French Polynesia, Guillaume jumped from a local bridge in challenging conditions. The current was stronger than the 10-knot winds.

"What a memorable session. It was so perfect. All the tourists were stopping by. A few locals on the side of the bridge were  watching that crazy dude flying in such a strong current", said Chasta.

Before Guillaume Chastagnol dominated the sport of snowkiting he had already – as a professional snowboarder – secured a fifth-placed finish at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, taken four French Championship halfpipe titles, and also bagged a silver medal at the 1998 X Games.

There are around 130 islands in French Polynesia. Watch the video.

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