Christophe Martin: a special kiteboarder with special gear

Christophe Martin, the pioneer in the development of kiteboarding for people with disabilities, will be holding a special 5-day clinic in Karavi Beach Club, Schinias, from the 23rd-27th June.

The developer of the special kiteboarding seat for paraplegic athletes will be sharing his knowledge and experience with everybody wanting to ride kites, in Athens, Greece.

The event is supported by the Global Kiter Foundation, a non-profit Foundation that uses kiteboarding to enrich the lives of people with physical disabilities and underprivileged youth throughout the world teaching new skills and independence.

Jenny Ridley, one of the first Irish kite land riders, will be joining the clinic and promises to to try kiting in the water. Both abled and disabled will also be enjoying and sharing stand-pp paddleboarding out in the warm waters of Greece.

Christophe Martin will show and demosntrate the latest techniques developed for teaching people with disabilities. Participants will be trained on the water by using modified catamarans to show how accessible waterports can to be to all, as well as the famousa specially adapted seat.

The clinic includes workshops to train volunteers how to help people with disabilities, lessons for understanding the different disabilities and working with them and practical elements for getting them in and out of the water.

The Global Kiter Foundation is running a fundraising campaign to buy the seat for the participants, as each one costs more than €3,000.

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