Ronstan Bridge to Bridge Race 2012: Johnny Heineken does it again in record time

Johnny Heineken has secured the fastest time at the Ronstan Bridge to Bridge Race 2012, during the Nespresso International 18 Skiff Regatta hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club.

In fact, it was party time for the kiteboarders, as they swept the first seven places of the Californian competition. Heineken finished the 5.3-nautical mile course challenge in record time.

The Course Race world kiteboarding champion linked the Golden Gate to the Oakland Bay Bridge in 14 minutes adn 14 seconds, lopping two minutes and one second off the record set by Brian Lake, last year.

The foiling trimaran l'Hydroptere, kiteboarders' one-time bitter rival, started early but failed to officially finish. New Zealand's C-Tech team of skipper Alex Vallings, Chris Kitchen and Josh McCormack, continued its domination of the week with the 18-boat class to wrap up the title.

The last day of sailing races were held under 15-20 knots of wind.

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