Toby Braeuer: king of airstyle

Toby Braeuer has conquered the Cabrinha Airstyle Contest, held during the Triple King Contest 2013, in Dunkerque, France.

Airstyle events are rare, but when they are run action is guaranteed. With two days of good offshore winds ranging between 15-20 knots, there were 22 riders competing in the Men's division.

Yusca was having great day with high airstyle moves, handle-pass combinations and great board-offs. Unfortunately for him, he was up against Toby Brauer in the quarter finals, and had to keep a well deserved fifth place.

The elimination ladder continued and Toby showed great airstyle moves and consistency. He won the four-man final heat. Laurent Guyot was able to do two 15-second jumps. In one gflight, he got a double gust throwing him up certainly 10 meters in the air.

On the last day, an Airstyle Expression Session was completed. All competitors were at the same time on the water, in a 30-minute heat. Yusca went big throwing all his airstyle moves.

He ended his heat with an unhooked board-off, as well as a super high straight handle-pass. Big time.

Cabrinha Airstyle Contest 2013 Results:

1. Toby Brauer
2. Paul Serin
3. Antoine Fermon

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