Leander Vyvey: follow the light

Leander Vyvey has signed a contract deal with Wainman Hawaii.

The former KPWT vice world kiteboarding champion, and four-time Belgian champion, will be free kitesurfing for Wainman Hawaii.

"My goals for this year are to push more towards video and photo promotion, rather than taking up the competition part of the sport", explains Vyvey.

"I have suffered two years of injury with my shoulder being dislocated and a not 100% successful surgery, but will be back now to develop further in the style that I am characterised for, and hopefully finish some great videos throughout the year".

Leander Vyvey started riding in 2002, in Nieuwpoort, Belgium. Although he never planned on turning professional, the path that kitesurfing has taken him on in recent years has been like a dream come true.

"Kiteboarding has always been a bit a mix of all different riding styles, and I think we have arrived at a point where you can see those different styles evaluate, each in their distinct direction".

Vyvey believes that wakeboarding is pushing the limits of riding styles, and that directional boards and strapless kitesurfing is are getting more popular.

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