Lord of the Wind Showdown: sailing the winds of Los Barriles

Bryan Lake has conquered the Lord of the Wind Showdown, at Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The fourth edition of the Lord of the Wind Showdown had great winds and completed the entire program consisting of Course Racing, Slalom, Freestyle, Big Air and the classic long distance race.

Foilboards were a surprise for many spectators. Adam Koch surprisingly won the Big Air on a foilboard, while Adam Withington showed outstanding technique and control on his own hydrofoil, in both Course Race and Slalom.

The event rules stated that no foils were allowed in those two events, so Adam's desire to show what a foilboard could do, cost him a DSQ in the event.

The Freestyle got underway in strong wind conditions, with a lot of crashes wipeouts, and huge air tricks.

In the last day of competition at Los Barriles, Withington started behind the fleet, caught up leader Brian Lake and passed him right at the finish line, in off the record mode.

Lord of the Wind Showdown 2014 Results:

1. Bryan Lake
2. Adam Koch
3. Zachary Marks

1. Santiago Ramirez
2. Simone Vannucci
3. Jake Kinney

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