99.62 km/h: Thierry Collado sets a new world speed land kiting record

March 28, 2018 | Kiteboarding
Thierry Collado: one of the fastest land kiteboarders in the world | Photo: Thierry Collado

Land kiting, also known as kite landboarding or land kiteboarding, is one of the most underrated disciplines in kiteboarding.

Nevertheless, and despite the fact that it is performed on terra firma, riders can reach high speeds. Surprisingly, or maybe not, land kiteboarders are nearly as fast as their fellow water performers.

Recently, Thierry Collado set a new world speed land kiting record. The rider living in Ventura, California, drove his equipment at 61.9 miles per hour (99.62 kilometers per hour, or 53.78 knots) at La Franqui, in France.

"I really didn't expect it because there was still standing water in a few spots, and a lot of slippery areas. But I found many places to do my thing. The wind was not strong. Instead, it was 'disgustingly gusty,'" explained the man nicknamed Akkrew.

"Suddenly, a gust stronger than the others carried me beyond my hopes. I heard my bearings screaming, and I had the impression to go a little faster than usual."

Collado checked his GPS and quickly knew he had a world record on hands. He continued riding his kite, but the wind decreased, and Thierry started feeling tired.

"I am so close to reaching my goal - the 100 km/h mark. I am very excited and will be back soon. But, for now, I am happy to be back on first place in the world ranking," concluded Thierry Collado.

The fastest kiteboarder in the world is Alex Caizergues with a remarkable world speed record of 57.97 knots (66.71 mph or 107.36 km/h).

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