Nuno "Stru" Figueiredo sets new Guinness world record for the largest kitesurfing wave

The Guinness World Records have confirmed it. Nuno "Stru" Figueiredo has officially ridden the world's biggest kitesurfing wave.

On November 8, 2017, the kitesurfer from Porto, in Portugal, launched his kite at Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, and sailed into one of the most dangerous beach breaks on the planet.

The wind was blowing from the north, and the waves were slightly facing south. After jumping off the crest of a couple of waves to get acquainted with the lineup, Figueiredo aimed for record wave.

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Maxime Nocher crowned 2018 KiteFoil Gold Cup champion

Maxime Nocher and Kirstyn O'Brien have taken out the 2018 KiteFoil Gold Cup World Series.

It's all over. The blade-sharp hydrofoils will be put to rest, as the KiteFoil comes to a close in challenging wind conditions in Sardinia, Italy.

The futurist kite class flying under the wing of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) was officially launched in 2014.

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Deury Corniel and Sofia Tomasoni win historic gold medals at 2018 Youth Olympic Games

Deury Corniel and Sofia Tomasoni became the first ever kiteboarders to win gold medals at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kiteboarding made a successful Olympic debut with a slalom/boardercross style competition on twin-tip racing equipment.

The winner-takes-all finals got underway at Club Náutico San Isidro and offered no shortage of drama in both men's and women's divisions.

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Brad Spencer, Annissa Flynn, and Daniel Tarapchak have taken out the 2018 World Flowboarding Championships, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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