PKRA Speed 2008

After the final leg of the 2008 PKRA Speed Tour, Sebastien Cattelan stays on top of Alex Caizergues and Chritophe Prin-Guenon (all France). The womens world title goes to Charlotte Consorti, FRA, ahead of Sjoukje Bredenkamp, RSA, and Katja Roose, NED.

Caizergues started the season with a victory in his hometown Port St. Louis, but was beaten in Fuerteventura not only by Sebastien Cattelan but also by hotshot Rob Douglas from the USA. This, and the higher ranked Fuerteventura event, costs him too many points to stay on top.

Cattelan was winning in Fuerteventura, and his his third place on the final leg in Luderitz he closely snatched victory ahed of Alex. Christophe Prin-Guenon, with three 4. places constantly in the top riders, secured third place.

Charlotte Consorti was dominating the season in Port St. Louis and Fuerteventura and became second in Luderitz, leaving her the world championship title ahead of Sjoukje Bredenkamp, winning the Luderitz Speed Challenge. Katja Roose with constant podium places in third.

The Topspeed Ranking is dominated by the Luderitz Speed Challenge contenders, with Alex Caizergues world outright record time of 50.57 knots in first, Rob Douglas (50.54) in second, and Sebastien Cattelan (50.52) in third.

In the womens Topspeed Ranking, Sjoukje Bredenkamp on top with new outright world record as well (45.20 knots), then Charlotte Consorti (44.74) and Katja Roose (39.58).

Luderitz Speed Challenge 2008

The Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2008 is finished, and it was a triumph, both for the competitors, who broke almost every record there was to break, and for the organisers, ESF Events, who not only proved that the speed strip in Lüderitz is one of the best speed sailing destinations in the world, but that a world-class, WSSRC sanctioned event could be successfully run here.

The Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2009 is already being planned, and will likely run over four weeks in October next year. The media coverage of this event has been phenomenal – specialist speed-sailing Websites, monthly sailing magazines, general sports periodicals, prime-time television. To see some of the coverage highlights, visit the “Media” section on

“This event has been fantastic in every way. We achieved what we came to do – to break the 50 knot barrier and set a new world record in Lüderitz. We also saw every competitor sail faster than they’ve ever sailed before.

The speed strip here has massive potential – we have only just started. We are looking at new ideas for the chop killer, other strips that can provide windsurfers great sailing, and getting a better idea of how the wind and tides work here to get the best possible conditions to take us to the 100kph level and beyond,” said Fred Dasse of ESF Events.

After the red flag went up to end the sailing yesterday, Sebastien Cattelan and the Netherlands' Rolf van der Vlugt stayed out to see what could be done as the wind suddenly picked up even more in the late afternoon.

On GPS they both far exceeded the current records, with Cattelan going over 60 knots peak speed, and 54 knots average over 250m! With the right conditions, there is no end in site for how much faster speed sailors can go at the second lagoon in Lüderitz.

Below is a list of all the records that were broken.

Record  |  Name  |  Speed (knots)  |  Speed (kph)  |  Sponsors

Outright world speed sailing record    Alexandre Caizergues (France)    50.57    93.65    F-One, Ouest Provence, Volkswagen Utilitaires, ION, Placide
Outright world women's speed sailing record    Sjoukje Bredenkamp (South Africa)    45.20    83.70    Naish, Roxy, Oakley               
Outright USA speed sailing record    Rob Douglas    50.54    93.59    The Black Dog, Cabrinha, Lynch Associates, Dakine, Amundsen
Outright South Africa (and Africa) speed sailing record    Grant Ross    48.79    90.35    Cabrinha South Africa
Outright Netherlands speed sailing record    Rolf van der Vlugt    46.95    86.94    Airush, Mystic, Protest, TUDelft, X-tremeboards
Outright Namibia speed sailing record    Jurgen Geiger    44.90    83.15    Ocean Spirit, North, Free Air
Outright UK speed sailing record    David Williams    44.78    82.93    Best Kiteboarding, Dead Man clothing, KMS
Open water windsurf record    Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Switzerland)    44.74    82.85    Red Bull, VW, North Sails, Basf, Ecotel, Proof boards, Oakley, Mystic
Outright France women’s speed sailing record    Charlotte Consorti    44.74    82.85    F-One, Nike, Maui Magic, Baracuda, Weleda
Spain kitesurf record    Marc Avela    42.76    79.19    Reef, Oakley
Outright Slovenia speed sailing record    Jernej Privsek    43.42    80.41    Jägermeister, Cocta, Kitesfera, Garmin
Outright New Caledonia (and Pacific) record    Joan Henaff    41.01    75.94    Nouvelle-Caledonie North Kites
Outright Belgium speed sailing record    Christian Baret    40.87    75.69    Summerwood Guesthouse
Outright Netherlands women’s speed sailing record    Katja Roose    39.58    73.30    Protest, Maui Magic, Airush, X-tremeboards
UK women’s kitesurf record    Jemma Grobbelaar    38.18    70.70    Flexifoil, Xelerator, Dakine, Arnette, Derevko, Cti, Lizzy, Island Tribe

NB - all speeds are still subject to ratification by WSSRC

Luderitz Speed Challenge 2008

Today is the last day of strong wind, co-operative tide, and time... the Luderitz Speed Challenge sees the last of the racing today, with the official closing ceremony tomorrow (Friday).

Today is going to be a huge battle, with the top riders Alex Caizergues (FRA), Rob Douglas (USA) and Sebastien Cattelan (FRA) going all out to get (or keep!) the title of the world's fastest sailor.

The 50 knot barrier has been broken, and now these three riders are separated by only 0.05 knots (50.57, 50.54 and 50.52).

There are also several riders snapping at their heels, just off the 50-knot level, including privateers Jerome Bila and Sylvain Hoceini.