A 500-kilometer adventure called Dakhla Downwind Challenge

October 4, 2019 | Kiteboarding
2019 Dakhla Downwind Challenge: Antoine Auriol double checks a shipwreck | Photo: Acuña

A group of kiteboarders has successfully completed the 2019 Dakhla Downwind Challenge.

The fifth edition of the 500-kilometer kiteboarding adventure has once again seen dozens of sails flying above the African coastline.

The journey took participants from Dakhla to Lagouira, in Western Sahara. Riders spent a week exploring the winds and the breathtaking landscapes of the region.

Despite being a physically demanding challenge, the event is also extremely rewarding and diversified. Antoine Auriol was ecstatic with the experiences he had.

"I had so much fun kitesurfing the dunes while wearing the traditional Daraa robe of the Sahrawi people," explained the French kitesurfer.

"The dress was my best friend in the desert. I felt fresh, even with the strong sun and warm winds."

The crew had a few close encounters with local camels and also collected a few ghost nets and trash left in the sands, along the way.

The Dakhla Downwind Challenge is organized by Soufiane Hamaini, a former professional kiteboarder from Morocco.

It is all about riding untouched territories, and places where humans have not yet defied Mother Nature's most beautiful creations.

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