A kiteboarding trip to Prince Edward Island

November 22, 2018 | Kiteboarding
Lucas Arsenault, Tom Bridge and Theo Demanez: the trio explored the kiteboarding potential of Prince Edward Island | Photo: Cabrinha

Welcome to Prince Edward Island, the smallest province in Canada. The archipelago also known for its is fabulous red sand beaches, massive dunes, red cliffs, and potatoes.

Prince Edward Island, or PEI, offers more than 800 kilometers of beaches, and air temperatures that range between 98°F (36.7°C) and -35°F (-37.2°C).

The territory is hugged by Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, but it ends up receiving several lost swells coming from the North Atlantic Ocean.

Lucas Arsenault is the Canadian freestyle kiteboarding champion. He lives Prince Edward Island and knows the island's potential when it comes to wind sports.

Recently, he was joined by Tom Bridge and Theo Demanez on an exploration trip around the island. The trio unveiled several never-before-ridden kite spots that work out in every wind direction.

The adventure gave birth to "PEI - A Kiteboarding Discovery Film," a non-stop action video in which Lucas, Tom, and Theo unroll their arsenal of new school tricks, strapless moves, and classic freestyle maneuvers in flat and bumpy waters.

Prince Edward Island is one of the most underrated kite destinations on the planet. With its stunning landscapes, natural obstacles, and fun waves, it could very well be the next go-to kite spot in North America.