Aaron Hadlow will develop kitesurfing videogame

April 26, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Aaron Hadlow: preparing a great come back

Aaron Hadlow, five-time freestyle kiteboarding world champion, decided not to compete in the 2010 PKRA World Tour and is planning a kitesurfing videogame for the near future.

"I do hope to have a kitesurfing game one day, this will really grow the sport and get it out there, anyone can play the game and when they see how cool it can be for sure they will give it a go in real life", revealed the kiteboarding champion.

The British kiteboarder says "it has been a long 7 years of the same lifestyle so I am going to try something different for a while". Hadlow is looking to "come back with some fresh motivation in the future".

The mythic PKRA boy is also starting a brand of his own name. Aaron Hadlow thinks Kevin, Youri or Alex might take this year's kiteboarding title.

Finally, Aaron Hadlow defends that kiteboarding "heats should be judged as normal but also filmed, during and next heat this should be edited together so every move is on a time line in a row, during the transition time the previous heat is reviewed, maybe it takes 1 minute per rider to watch through but then the judges can make sure they have made the right decision and that their original result correlates with the footage. Results will be delayed a heat and the transition time will be a little longer, you need a camera man on each rider in a heat, plus a couple of editors and obviously it is more work for the judges, but once there is more money in the sport it could be a good option".

SurferToday.com has already launched a global petition to ask the videogame industry new PS3 and Xbox 360 surfing titles.

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