Alex Caizergues: sailing at 48.45 knots in Oman | Photo: Salinas/IKA

Alexandre Caizergues claimed the 2017 Kite Speed World Championship, held on Masirah Island, in the Sultanate of Oman.

The attracted some of the fastest kiteboarders on the planet and offered spectacular racing conditions in the local shallow lagoon. Despite the absence of major athletes, the spot proved to be one of the best venues for this sailing class.

Winds of over 30 knots allowed competitors to push the limits of speed sailing, but also caused a few wipeouts and crashes which resulted in injuries.

Caizergues won 10 of the 12 races and set a new championship record of 48.45 knots (89.72 km/h).

"Masirah is an amazing paradise and a very fast spot. The feeling of speed is amazing because here you have very flat water and no chop. We can go 100 percent without risking ourselves," explained Alex Caizergues.

"It was my first time in Oman. I traveled down the coast, which is so beautiful, and I think it deserves a second trip for sure. The Omani people are amazing, just so cheerful, always smiling and welcoming."

Hannah Whiteley is the new Women's Kite Speed world champion. Finishing seventh overall, the British kitesurfer accelerated to a top speed of 43.84 knots (81.19 km/h) and left her opponents well behind, below the 40-knot mark.

According to the International Kiteboarding Association, the world's fastest kite speed riders will return to Masirah Island next year, as this was considered a test event.

2017 Kite Speed World Championship | Top 5

1. Alexandre Caizergues (FRA) 48.451 knots
2. Sylvain Hoceini (FRA) 45.988 knots
3. David Williams (GBR) 45.794 knots
4. Victor Bachichet (FRA) 44.902 knots
5. Luke Wigglesworth (NZL) 42.983 knots

1. Hannah Whiteley (GBR) 43.84 knots
2. Armelle Courtois (FRA) 35.65 knots
3. Cecile Varin (FRA) 35.65 knots

Hannah Whiteley: her top speed at the 2017 Kite Speed World Championship was 43.84 knots | Photo: Salinas/IKA

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