Ben Winding is the best South Australian freestyler

February 8, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Ben Winding: he flew higher

Ben Winding and Cat Tanner have claimed the 2012 South Australian Kitesurfing Freestyle titles, held at the Grange Sailing Club, in Henley Beach.

All categories have been run in one day of kiteboarding competition. The level of riding was exceptional as everyone was trying to impress the judges. The huge crowd certainly weren’t disappointed as they were treated to some amazing aerial acrobatics and some equally impressive thrills and spills.

It was also exciting to see a number of the Juniors step up this year and take it to the open men in the Opens category, with several of them making it through to the later rounds.

This is a great step forward for juniors, progressing their riding and getting them ready for future State and National Competitions. These kids have a bright kitesurfing future ahead of them. The future of South Australian Kitesurfing is certainly looking good.

All 44 kiteboarders competed and fought it out over the six categories in what has to be one of the most successful and competitive State Titles SA has ever seen. Every division was tightly fought, with a number of heats resulting in arguments up in the judges box over who won.

Dion Do, Evan Higham, Mark Gregg, Dale Bubnow and Will Smallacombe took the Juniors, Masters, Grand Masters, Amateurs and Big Air divisions.

Open Men

1st Ben Winding (Slingshot)
2nd Martyn Bone (Naish)
3rd Jordan Grimes (Cabrinha)

Open Women

1st Cat Tanner (Blade)
2nd Jaquie Hockaday (F-One)
3rd Rachael Anderson (North)


1st Dion Do (Ozone)
2nd Corey Capaldo (Cabrinha)
3rd Kevin Doveton


1st Evan Higham (North)
2nd Shaun Crocker (Cabrinha)
3rd Mario Stefano (North)

Grand Masters

1st Mark Gregg (Blade)
2nd Timothy Jackson
3rd Ian Smith


1st Dale Bubnow
2nd Tyson Stephens
3rd Marcus Leach

Big Air Winner

1st Will Smallacombe (Slingshot)