Brazilian juniors set high standards in the 2009 KPWT Brazil

November 4, 2009 | Kiteboarding

KPWT Brazil in Cumbuco

The 7th stage of the KPWT 2009 started today with junior freestyle.

Conditions were good and the youngsters took to the water on their 7 metre kites.

The wind was blowing from an easterly direction and averaging 18 knots, with a slight chop on the water due to some swell that seems to be building.

The level of the young riders is increasing and they put on a great exhibition for the many spectators on the beach. 14 year old Forest Bakker (SPA, FLEXIFOIL) and overall junior freestyle leader of the KPWT 2009, was looking strong again and is deserved of the attention he is receiving this year.

Unfortunately for Forest he met a young exciting local rider Set Gomes (BRA, LIQUID FORCE) in the semi final and had to settle for 4th in the single elimination. Eudazio Silva (BRA, LIQUID FORCE) has blasted onto the Kitesurfing scene today, with some excellent freestyle riding.

He has a comfortable, free-flowing style and able to land his power moves with great kite position. Two young Brazilians in the final, both locals to the area and both strong upcoming riders, put on a great show for all on the beach.

After the single elimination, the race director called a lunch break, so the riders could rest and rejuvenate before the double elimination began at 3pm.

In the double elimination, Julien Kerner (FRA, TAKOON) stepped into top gear and moved through the table to challenge for a podium position.

He went on to face the young 13 year old, Set Gomes (BRA, LIQUID FORCE) and unfortunately the Brazilian proved too tough for him and he had to settle for third spot on the podium. Both Brazilians met again for another spectacular final and did not disappoint!

Tomorrow will start early, with a skippers meeting at 08h00 at Cauipi lagoon. It will be a day for the senior freestyle competition and excitement is building amongst the riders to take advantage of this sublime Kitesurfing spot. Congratulations to all the juniors for a successful day on the KPWT SUPERKITE BRAZIL 2009.

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