Brett Lickle invents innovative kite line management system

July 10, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Brett Lickle: inventor of the T System

Brett Lickle has introduced an innovative kite line management system.

Experienced Cabrinha rider, tester, and instructor Brett Lickle has been trying to simplify kiteboarding and all techniques involved in the sport of riding with the wind.

Now, Little has unveiled the "T System," a new method for simplifying line winding that requires no tools or gadgets.

Basically, this hook-and-go method is a way to beat the system so you never have to string or lay out your kite lines again.

"We've ended up with a system that gives the ability to take the lines off and put them exactly how we took them off," says Lickle.

Next time you're launching the kite, you'll get your lines ready to hook and go.

Brett Lickle's "T System" will save you long minutes. Are you ready to try it?