Cabrinha: the kiteboarding brand detected safety issues in their 2017 control systems

Cabrinha has identified a safety issue with their Power Bracket Seat (PBS) mounted on the top of the depower main line of all 2017 control systems.

If you own one these products - manufactured in April through March 2016 for the 2017 season - make sure you contact the Cabrinha support services and carry out the necessary changes to ensure you're riding safe gear.

The possibility of line failure may lead to loss of rider control and/or separation of rider from kite after safety activation. Under some circumstances, this could lead to injuries or rider stranding.

Here are the instructions for replacing the equipment:

1: Identify if your control system requires replacement. Do this by seeing if you have a metal or plastic stopper above the depower main line funnel. Metal indicates replacement is needed. Grey plastic indicates replacement has been made;

2: If replacement is needed, unwind and lay out your control system;

3: Undo the leash connection and in the case of quickloop also remove the black stopper;

4: Attach the hook end of the provided line to the end of the landing line and pull through from the cleat. Recoil end of the system until just the hook is showing out of the top of the depower main line funnel;

5: Unhook the hook and be sure to leave both ends of this line protruding from the tube. This will allow the flagging line to be rethreaded back through the tube easier;

6: Undo the loop-to-loop connection between the front line and the 1X flagging line;

7: Slide off the metal Power Bracket Seat and return to your dealer;

8: Go up 8m on the disconnected front line to the loop-to-loop connection between the lower front line and the upper front line and undo the loop-to-loop connection. Separate and discard the lower front line;

9: From the replacement pack, remove the new 8m lower front line and attach it to one end with a loop-to-loop connection to the upper front line;

10: At the other end, pass the supplied PBS installment line through the end of the lower front line and then pass both open ends of the line down through the supplied gray plastic Power Bracket Seat from the smaller cone end. Pull the plastic PSB over the lower front line;

11: Reattach the 1x flagging line using a standard loop-to-loop connection. Make sure there are no twists in the knots;

12: Attach the hook to the end of the 1X flagging line and pull back down through the PU tube;

13: For quickloop, pull the black stopper over the line (use the supplied line section) and then attach the leash connection point. For Fireball attach the leash connection ring;

14: From here it is recommended to check the line lengths of your control system and if required make adjustments to make all the control lines even. Upon completion, please return your metal PBS to your dealer;

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