Cabrinha recalls 2015 kite control systems

September 10, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Cabrinha: keeping control systems safe

Do you own 2015 Cabrinha 1X or Overdrive 1X Control systems? The kiteboarding has discovered a manufacturing defect in production, and decided to issue a product recall.

All 1X and Overdrive 1X control systems (KS5CSSDOD, KS51XCSFX) manufactured before August 1st should be corrected at Cabrinha's authorized dealers.

"We have discovered, in a very small number of cases that the internal diameter of the bungee guide does not meet our specification, due to an unauthorized modification by Cabrinha's supplier," the brand explains.

"There is a small possibility that the Recoil spring can jam between the internal diameter of the bungee guide and the PU depower main line. In the unlikely case that the Recoil spring does jam itself into the bungee guide, the rider is still able to activate the main quick release and depower the kite into the single line flagging safe position."

The solution is simple. Authorized dealers will re-install the Recoil Slider (KS5RECSDR) in two minutes, and the problem will be solved.

Cabrinha says they have modified the manufacturing process and rectified all control systems as of August 1st.

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