Danny Barnette goes puddle jumping in the Outer Banks

May 18, 2018 | Kiteboarding
Danny Barnette: a 20-mile puddle jumping downwind run in the Outer Banks

Danny Barnette has just enjoyed a pure freeride experience in the Outer Banks.

The kiteboarder from Raleigh, North Carolina, completed a 20-mile downwind run that led him through some of the best slicks on the East Coast.

One thing's for sure: his jumping skills are now better than ever, and that's probably why he named his video edit "Puddle Jumping." By the end of the clip, you may feel a bit dizzy, but it will be worth.

The challenge is like solving a puzzle or Rubik's Cube. You've got to check out where you are and where you want to land before even jumping over the high grass.

Things aren't always easy for Barnette but, slowly and steadily, he progresses through and reaches the open ocean. Along the way, he even finds time to retrieve a friend's phone.

And when Danny thinks he has arrived his destiny, he misses a long jump and lands in muddy water. But that doesn't stop him from completing his mission.

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