"Death loop" kills kitesurfer in Quebec

May 14, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Lake of Two Mountains: never kite alone

A 32-year-old kitesurfer has passed away when he was sailing on the Lake of Two Mountains, in Quebec, Canada.

Julien Blanchard was enjoying a kitesurfing session in the part of the river delta widening of the Ottawa River, in Quebec, when he suffered what is commonly called the "death loop".

The rider was dragged to his death on the lake, after fell and being kept underwater by his kite for about 20 minutes.

The "death loop" is an uncontrolled looping of the kiteboarding kite that may have serious results, if the kiteboard can't activate the quick release or cut the kite lines.

Blanchard was reached and taken out of the water by three sailors in a motorboat. Despite all the efforts to revive him on the shore, the kiteboarder was declared dead later in  the local hospital.

Protect your life and respect the kiteboarding rules and safety sailing procedures. Never go sailing all by yourself.