Disabled kiteboarders enjoy wind and speed

July 29, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Kiteboarding: a sport for everyone

The Global Kiter Foundation (GKF) has completed a workshop to introduce kiteboarding to people with physical disabilities, in Vravrona, in Greece. A beach clean up was also held in conjunction.

Six people with a physical disability were introduced to the sport, learning the principles of wind, and how to manage the kite according to speed and direction. The workshop lasted for three hours and the participants all got to the level where they could launch their own trainer kites, control it, and develop skills such as flying in 8s and looping the kites.

All necessary techniques to progress onto bigger kites. The group of participants was joined by experienced instructors Stefphanos Averkiou and internationally renowned pro-kiter and GKF ambassador Dimitris Maramenides, who taught them how to fly the kites.

Part of GKF’s mission is to raise environmental awareness. The participants were also joined by a group of dedicated volunteers including a team from Google Greece who participated in the beach clean up.

Among the rubbish, they also picked up tyres, a lady’s high heel shoe, and even a carpet. "We spent the afternoon doing the beach clean up and we are very happy to be here. We would like our environment to be healthier and to look better, and we encourage everyone else to participate too", says Thasia, from Google Greece.

Everyone was thrilled with their experience, and thought it was a truly fantastic event. "We could not have hoped for a better event and I have rarely met such a good spirited and motivated group of people. We thank everyone for their participation", said Sandrine Roussos Werner, co-founder of GKF.