Dominik Zimmermann melts the 2014 Red Bull Ragnarok

April 7, 2014 | Kiteboarding
2014 Red Bull Ragnarok: find Dominik Zimmermann

Dominik Zimmermann has mastered the 2014 Red Bull Ragnarok, at Dyranut, Norway.

Ravines, drifts, rocks and hills were blessed by excellent snow conditions and sunny weather. Occasionally light wind made the competitors struggle to keep their kites in the air.

Only 40 kiteboarders managed to finish the whole race, and it took three hours for Dominik Zimmermann to finish the competition in first place.

"I really enjoyed the light wind riding and my kite was good for these conditions. There is a good combination of hills and cliffs, and you have to be able to play with the terrain," says the overall winner of the 2014 Red Bull Ragnarok.

The challenge was to complete five laps of the 13-kilometer long circuit in the Norwegian mountain plateau. Sigve Botnen won the Snowboard division, while Camilla Ringvold took out the Women's Ski contest.